Friday, December 22, 2006

Plan it out......

Me: Oye kya kar raha hai for the forthcoming long weekends ???
****: Nothing decided so far.
Me: Kuch karte hai na....
****: plan it out and i m game for it.....

This triggered the planning process in my mind in the well defined process as can well be expected of any person after speding well over an year in the ever inspiring corporate world ;).

Checked my mailbox in between and already the New year and Merry Christmas mails are flooding the mailbox. But this particular one is worthy of being called the best among them all.

Hi all,
I have some (good/bad) news for you.

I know that it is something that you people would not have expected this so soon from me.... although I was thinking about it for quite a while. I am telling this news to you in advance.

I'm leaving by the end of this month.

Hope u enjoyed with me. If I had done anything wrong that hurt u, kindly forgive me n also forget it.

Hoping u will always remember me...

All the best to you all for your future endeavors........

Year 2006.

Just when I was about to pick up the phone to call that person asking him where is going to, or just when did he start the planning. I saw the last 2 lines. I forwarded the message. And belive it some people do call back to ask just the same ( "So you are going....!!where to???" )

Anyways I was planning.....

So here were some of the plans that came up on my mind after some investigations on net and other friends who were also busy planning it out!!

Plan 1: Go home, sleep, wake up, eat, sleep......(This is sick....)

Plan 2: hear to the rock bands.....some blues ho jaaye......
-23rd Dec (Saturday) -Lou Majaw's Back Again To Play with Lou Hilt And Sam Shullai, 8:30pm onwards.
-24th Dec (Sunday) - Blues Band 'Soulmate' With Rudy Wallang On Guitar, Tiprity On Vocals & Guitar, Ferdy On Bass & Sam Shullai On Drums. Show Starts At 8:30pm.
Venue: Haze Blues Bar & Restaurant, Vasant Vihar.

Plan 3: Go to a freind's place in Amritsar and chill out.

Plan 4: Just got this invitation. A group of friends leaving for Rishikesh tomorrow morning.

Ok so....what to do now....let me think on the plan I want to follow, so let me just think some more and plan it out.....

Monday, December 11, 2006


The terrible feeling of being alone in a crowd and being trapped under the open blue skies. Its so much more amplified by everything going on around one's self. The mind goes numb, the thoughts freeze.

At times like these there is nothing better than a pink floyd. Maybe these magical words can best relate to my mind......

So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell,
blue skies from pain.
Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?
And did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
And did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?
How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have we found? The same old fears.
Wish you were here.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Surprised!! Why there is no media highlight now???

Oh is that correct???? But I just got the biggest news on the TV that "dada is back!!". Isn't that the latest and the most influencing news!!

Well now I know why a TV set is known as the idiot's box. And a TV set with a news channel on is like idiot sitting on a shit-pot daydreaming. Yes its very much like that in fact I have censored some of the last lines.

Have a look at the link below.,WZPA:2006-24,WZPA:en&oe=UTF-8&tab=wn&ncl=1111727552&hl=en&scoring=d

Oh so the OBC quota thing!!! Thats a news of the past. Look carefully and one may see that all the assurances and promises of excluding the creamy layer have been dumped. Where is the media attention now, the same media (the same &$%# media) which took it so seriously.

Stealth missile. This is what it is. The day is not far behind when there will be a need for a reservation for the general category.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


This blog took me a long time, in fact such a long time that I don’t even know when the first thoughts materialized into words. Thoughts kept coming over, events went on about me, and the experience grew and grew into a chaotic mess, which I will never be able to sort out. But I think this confusion is relieving though not satisfying as I will be in a search for more answers.

It all began with the lonely night, me alone in my car returning after a night out with some friends and the song on….

"Yaroon dosti badi hi haseen hain,
ye na ho tho kya phir,bolo ye zindagi hain,
Koi tho ho raazdaar,begaraz,tera ho yaar,
koi tho ho raazdaar,
Teri har ek burai pe dante woh dost,
gum ki ho dhoop tho sayaa bane tera vo dost,
yaroon dosti badi hi haseen hain..."

Well it’s the strangest of all things known to me if not to all of the others. It makes me sad, laugh, angry, all in all it’s a riot of emotions.

A person’s identity is nothing but a virtual fact. I read somewhere that a person is well defined by his friends and foes. In fact a person is a just a coordinate in this infinite space, a coordinate defined by those who love him and hate him. That means that any person that we hate tries to repel us and the person we love attracts us, trying to change our very existing coordinate. I think that a true friend is one who is quiet different in this simple coordinate system. He is the one who doesn’t try to change our very existence, but add a totally new dimension to our lives.

This new dimension is cherished by us all. But we miss out something; we miss out on the existence of that new dimension and the person who brought it along. We may take those very moments as “just another happy moment” in life. This ignorance is what kills me at times. I am not afraid that the friend will stop loving me, but I am afraid what if I stop loving my friend. What if I fail in my commitments???

Yet again, it involves a great degree of vulnerability that makes all this so uncomfortable.

I will never be able to say some things, and this succumbs me to the very extreme. I feel like my mind will blast off to pieces, there are no tears in my eyes, no shouts, no sobbings. Only a faint smile comes over. The ones who don't "know me" take that as the "usual". This maks me happier in such a moment of distress and sadness cause I know that my friend will be listening what I m trying to say. This feeling of assurance is my only possesion. I am willing to lose everything for this possesion.........

Monday, November 06, 2006

Recent pics


Ahmm ahmm, maybe my next pic for the orkut profile...

Bittal in his new avtar

Is there something wrong with the Chasma or the face??? Keep guessing, thats chussu with cheeku.

Left to right: Bittal, Cheeku, Ant, Myself and Funky. And chussu behind the scenes. Total arbitapa at the dry fountain of PRIYA's.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Nothing, almost nothing!

Relaxing, dozing off, mailing, reading arbit stuff, wondering, dreaming, thinking...
PL suddenly comes around and asks: "to kya chal raha hai??? "
Mein: "kuch nahi" ------translating------> "nothing"
PL : " kya kuch nahi!!"
Mein: "nahi aisa nahi hai, i mean i m reading the specification document and......" ---------translating-------> "almost nothing"

Times like these do happen when you come face to face with NOTHING, mathematically a null set, physically a black empty space, in general terms a vella and in my own terms arbitapa!

That Nothing. Nothing with more qualities than nothing else. Just think about God logically...Every single thing that exisits outside god's capability, was created by God (i thinjk thats what a god is for!). Even the word "creator" was created by him. But did he create "nothing", or is it just the lack of creation whihc led to creating "nothing". So we have something that is seriously attributeless which we know of as Nothing. (Dimaag ghooma naa.........mine has already taken a full turn!!)

Eastern Philosophy says that "Stillness of Mind" can only be achieved by concentrating on Nothing (at least I have something to report to my PL, i have got stillness of mind!). There is no such thing as nothing in the real world (forget matrix!!). Even black colour and black space is something. So according to them the only place where nothing can truly exist in this whole wide infinite universe is in Your Mind. I have just begun to meditate on Nothing and lemme tell you thinking about it is hard. I am at black empty space as big as a stadium as of now.

I got hold of something else too: "He who knows that he knows nothing is the Wisest". So the guy who knows NOTHING, knows it he is the wisest. Isn't that strange, when he knows that he is wise, then he knows something, which implies that he must not be knowing nothing, then how can he..........^%*&^%#&$ (i m going mad.....)

I will call up one of my dear friends now,
tring tring.....
tring tring....
"hey hello..."
"what are u doing???"
"nothing yaar!!"
almost nothing!

Monday, October 16, 2006


Land of diversity: India will always remain so and that’s one of the reasons I love it.
A recent conversation over the coffee went something like this:
Friend 1: Yaar there is only dominoes pizza in greater noida. It’s so disgusting.
Friend 2: yes dude who would like dominoes.
Friend 1: ya, pizza hut is so good. I don’t know who goes for dominoes. It has got such a bad crust. Thick and tasteless and less of cheese.
Friend 3 (enters the scene): Kiski baat chal rahi hai???
Friend 1: pizza ki baat chal rahi thi.
Friend 3: haan yaar, dominoes is the best…….. (we just stare at him… can he!!) Uski crust to mast hoti hai. Aur pizza hut kitna ganda….cheese hi cheese……

This is just one instance which we have benchmarked to showcase the diversity of opinions on any topic.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Snippets from the last month

Me: so what happened to your delivery???
****: delivery??? Please be clear….
Me: Delivery bhai!! …..after noticing the stare getting bigger project delivery, of course!!
****: should make that clear ;)

Me: who was that girl that you were chatting to???
Frustu phattu: Kaun?
Me: The one you had the breakfast with.
Frustu phattu: acchha woh!! I don’t know her name.
Me: How can that be?? You were having a nice chat with her.
Frustu phattu: arre haan yaad aaya, her name is ****. But suna hai that she has proposed someone else.
Me: what do you mean by “propose”???? Define it please.
Frustu phattu: (a very sick statement)

An Investment banker’s biography: what to do and what not to do in Hyderabad. This story will be disclosed in the coming pages after proper authorization.

Two new members join our coffee table brigade: G ji and SJ (yet to have an offical name). G ji doesn’t like our insensible talks and not even my khattas.

Expenses for the weekend:
Movie tickets: Rs. 600
Drinks: Rs. 120
Food: Rs. 200
Masti: Priceless
Movie: Worthless, mat poochna kaunsi, have a guess!!

Reading now a days: Crossings by Daniel Steel
Felt to be very boring in the start but has come up as an engrossing novel. It takes one along the journeys across the Atlantic in the most luxurious ship as well as on a ship about to be sunk by the German U-boats anytime.

Saw Notting Hill for the 20th time this weekend and found it even more romantic.

Rands giving the news that he/she has already given the resignation and then coming to me after a coupla days and telling me not to tell that to anyone. Strange!!

Ankit back from a trip to Italy, with a bottle of wine.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Meeting pussy

Our very own brand ambassador of HAPPY DENT WHITE GUM was over here from amrica.
And for the meet came out rands, boobs (not in this pic), varwal, jhuppy, funky and myself (well kah lo yaar, G!!!).

Loads of news came out from each one of us. Boobs is now placed in Lehman and will soon move out to Bombay. Jhuppy is already preparing for the masters in football (oh and a bit of study of VLSI too) in Southampton, UK. Varwal’s CAT preparations are going strong. He is regularly attending classes and getting good scores too (Source: kuch gupt sutr). Funky is also trying hard to get a job change. He is even more frustrated after OM ji, who shifted along with him some time back, has also started dating and god knows what else. Besides funky’s own bro screwing some girls in the same house.

NOTE(may be of interest to some): OM ji go out to Sarai Kale Khan at peculiar times like 10 at night or 5 in the morning, and usually come back after a night stay at that place. He has also started body building. kalyug aa gaya hai doston.

Rands was on a date with a girl named “Anna” (funky’s old school friend and a part of friends list of many on orkut eg. takel). In the end of the date the baniya inside rands woke up (after spending a day’s salary) and said “agli baar paise tu degi!!”.

Finally its my turn, I am doing good at job. I am not giving CAT. I am not giving interviews for job change. I still have no girlfriends. But yes, I still do play football.

About pussy, he is almost the same but his voice is now really heavy. His oozing out teeth even whiter. In fact we didn’t even have to put the flash on for the pics taken. lol!

He showed us some great pics from amrica. Matwari is almost a rock star now. Big flowing hair, girls all around jumping with joy and asking for more of the guitar. (Just think of the AXE ad with the guy on guitar and girls shouting out loud at every move). Caution for matwari: In every pic we got the impression that torch was trying to get near his girlfriend.

But when the turn came for pussad to show the pics of his own girlfriend he immediately logged out. After much insistence (by us “frustu” junta) he logged in again. His head bowed down, his teeth returned back inside like a tortoise shying away inside its shell.
Leaving rest to the imagination..........

Ciao, Ankush.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Cola bubble

The Brits came, ruled, looted and fled. The Americans are coming, looting, giving pyaar ki jhuppies (Americans read it as: diplomatic talks) and god only knows that they will never flee.

An instance from the past:
The Britishers made the Indian farmers to grow Poppy crops on their fields. The fields got ruined of their nutrients and the farmers were paid a pity amount. The Poppy was sold at very high prices to China and when China put up a resistance, a war was waged at the expense of Indian soldiers.

An instance from the present:
The cola companies set up their plants in India calling it foreign investments; manufacturing bottles full of pesticides and insecticides. And when India tries to put up some resistance in the form of bans in some states, the Big Daddy shows the anger:

Isn't there a good sort of correlation between the two instances???? Except the fact that India is now 50+years old "free" and "sovereign" nation.

Is America ready to consume each and every drop of cola manufactured in India???

Maybe if someone from India gives a drink of cola to an American citizen, then it will be termed as a terrorist attack, an inhuman behavior, a conspiracy and what not.

Better still, maybe if this cola bubble "manufactured in India" bursts over America then the next days' headline will be something like this:
"Chemical warfare by India"

Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Dreamer's world

Once there came from the desert to the great city of Sharia a man who was a dreamer, and he had naught but his garment and staff.

And as he walked through the streets he gazed with awe and wonder at the temples and towers and palaces, for the city of Sharia was of surpassing beauty. And he spoke often to the passers-by, questioning them about their city -- but they understood not his language, nor he their language.

At the noon hour he stopped before a vast inn. It was built of yellow marble, and people were going in and coming out unhindered.

"This must be a shrine," he said to himself, and he too went in. But what was his surprise to find himself in a hall of great splendour and a large company of men and women seated about many tables. They were eating and drinking and listening to the musicians.

"Nay," said the dreamer. "This is no worshipping. It must be a feast given by the prince to the people, in celebration of a great event."

At that moment a man, whom he took to be the slave of the prince, approached him, and bade him be seated. And he was served with meat and wine and most excellent sweets.

When he was satisfied, the dreamer rose to depart. At the door he was stopped by a large man magnificently arrayed.

"Surely this is the prince himself," said the dreamer in his heart, and he bowed to him and thanked him.

Then the large man said in the language of the city: "Sir, you have not paid for your dinner." And the dreamer did not understand, and again thanked him heartily. Then the large man bethought him, and he looked more closely upon the dreamer. And he saw that he was a stranger, clad in but a poor garment, and that indeed he had not wherewith to pay for his meal. Then the large man clapped his hands and called -- and there came four watchmen of the city. And they listened to the large man. Then they took the dreamer between them, and they were two on each side of him. And the dreamer noted the ceremoniousness of their dress and of their manner and he looked upon them with delight.

"These," said he, "are men of distinction."

And they walked all together until they came to the House of Judgement and they entered.

The dreamer saw before him, seated upon a throne, a venerable man with flowing beard, robed majestically. And he thought he was the king. And he rejoiced to be brought before him.

Now the watchmen related to the judge, who was the venerable man, the charge against the dreamer; and the judge appointed two advocates, one to present the charge and the other to defend the stranger. And the advocates rose, the one after the other, and delivered each his argument. And the dreamer thought himself to be listening to addresses of welcome, and his heart filled with gratitude to the king and the prince for all that was done for him.

Then sentence was passed upon the dreamer, that upon a tablet about his neck his crime should be written, and that he should ride through the city on a naked horse, with a trumpeter and a drummer before him. And the sentence was carried out forthwith.

Now as the dreamer rode through the city upon the naked horse, with the trumpeter and the drummer before him, the inhabitants of the city came running forth at the sound of the noise, and when they saw him they laughed one and all, and the children ran after him in companies from street to street. And the dreamer’s heart was filled with ecstasy, and his eyes shone upon them. For to him the tablet was a sign of the king’s blessing and the procession was in his honour.

Now as he rode, he saw among the crowd a man who was from the desert like himself and his heart swelled with joy, and he cried out to him with a shout: "Friend! Friend! Where are we? What city of the heart’s desire is this? What race of lavish hosts?-- who feast the chance guest in their palaces, whose princes companion him, whose king hangs a token upon his breast and opens to him the hospitality of a city descended from heaven?"

And he who was also of the desert replied not. He only smiled and slightly shook his head. And the procession passed on.

And the dreamer’s face was uplifted and his eyes were overflowing with light.

Think of the dreamer and one finds out that there is nothing wrong the dreamer did. A nightmare for one belonging to the city itself, who understood the language, turns out to be the dream of the other. The only thing he was incapable of was understanding the words of the rich.

I am thinking…………am I not the dreamer??????

Saturday, July 22, 2006

A novelist, essayist, poet, painter.......

I was deep in thoughts about all the going around us....the bombay blasts, israel bombing lebanon, kashmir always at war.....

Always and always the weaker dying at hands of those having the power. Isn't it true that it is more of a sinful act of these cowardly ministers ruling our nation which calls itself democratic. Do I need to elaborate this uwritten truth????

Israel bombing Lebanon and it is more of a practice session and testing of their firepower over the weak "Lebanese" which dose include people from various other nationalities too: canadians, indians, sri lankans, thai and many others. India has put forth the biggest evacuation for their own people and so must have all the big nations. But who will save the innocent lebanese???? Where does UN stand when all these atrocites are happening?????

Talking of Lebanon always reminds me of Kahlil Gibran besides the Lebanese food. A novelist, essayist, poet, painter....his teachings may not be acceptable by everyone, not even me at all the times. But they are really compelling and fascinating. Two of the recent ones I read and liked are:

"Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens."

"But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love; let is rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls."

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Its raining in delhi......almost unbelievable

Finally the rains.....
Oh what a tormenting place delhi can be for a person returning from a place like guwahati after 4 years. The rain gods surely don't like the visits to delhi.

In guwahati it was like the black clouds following the rains, with the waterless white ones pouring their heart out even before the black ones had a chance to show their own capability. But Delhi, its the desert like sandstorms and thunder gods who rule.

Anyways I am enjoying the weather today after a long long time.......

Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup - Opening Ceremony

9:00 pm Indian Standard Time: The opening ceremony just finished; and here I am totally vella between the hour of opening ceremony and start of the opening game between Germany Vs Costa Rica posting pics from the ceremony.

The first of the pics is of the great world cup, the ultimate prize for the football lovers.

And the pic following is of the great man himself. PELE!! leading the ceremony.

The comes the home team:

And then one of the favourites of this world cup. Although, football lovers know it well that Brazil has never won the world cup playing as favourites.

And now rest of the pics of the ceremony:

Yes I know I could have got more pics, but due to the rush and the crowd I was just lucky enough to get these pics clicked. ;o).

Signing off,
Kal Tak reporter,
Sabse tez!!!


The first of the mails started 2 weeks back, somewhat in this fashion: Kindly consider some of the following minor chnages in the specifications required.

Leading to some mails from our side: These minor changes will change our design drastically.......
Please consider a re-evaluation, as it will lead to a lot of rework, a lot of efforst have already been put into it.......

Mails from their side: Ok we are considering the changes, please send us a report on the impact of the changes...... (Not to mention this lead to more work on our part, and more reports!!%@#%$#)
We can't help but change as they are important for the customers and no need to worry about the impacts they are fine with us. (Didn't they realize earlier what the customer required......)

Alas.....not boring you more with the still on going mail exchanges, here is a snapshot of what I had already done on the layout. Note: I am not mentioning the changes in circuit design, as it dosen't look as attractive to look at in a small snapshot ;).

(Another @#$#$@%@#$% word in the end of each %@$%#@$%# mail from them)

Monday, June 05, 2006

"Activist in me"

I hate rape,
I really, really do.
I hate it in the a.m.,
I hate it from the blue.
a moment with a girl,
that should be pure and true,
in a flash turns ugly,
and instead is very crude.
A joining that is sacred,
has now become so rude,
as the girl,
now women,
finds all she had to lose.
No means no,
or so was always told,
but today's men take,
have always been so bold?
A girl is only meat,
or so to me it seems,
and nothing they can do,
will muffle all their screams.

So what happens now,
to this girl who we abused.
should she be now cast out,
and given to be used?
I say.
Stand beside her in her need,
you out there can never know,
when it's your turn to bleed.
For I hate rape,
I always, always will,
it is a crime,
that makes my heart be still.

It is only love.....

Not the person you were,
nor the town where raised,
never the pain suffered,
will make you grow aware.....

It is only love,
that makes you so alive, so worthy,
some one dear to hold at night, in darkenss, in momnets of fear,
to share all that is to life.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Do try this at home

Ya ya long time since I wrote a blog. The reasons: I was unusually busy with work at office.

But again the tsunami of boredom hit me at home this time; with my family out on a holiday leaving me alone with my dog hanging around. When boredom strikes, it really makes one go mad. Its not khaali dimaag shaitaan ka ghar (empty mind = devil’s workshop). It’s the Bore-dome which is the palace of the devil.

So, I began surfing through my kitchen (did I tell that boredom also leads to hunger, and hunger for good food). And, I placed my hands on the couple of bottles of rum, whiskey and vodka of my father’s small hidden personal bar.

Now, eggjactly now, the devil strikes his venom. So, I started with my cocktail.

Caution: Please try this only at home.

So here are the ingredients to get it right (my way):
- Two shots Vodka
- One shot brandy
- One lemon’s juice
- Orange and apple juice in equal quantities
- Crushed ice
- “Teri deewani” by Kailash Kher in infinite loop

Mix them well and relax in your rocking chair. Well any chair will tend to get rocking once you have a couple of this “recipe”.

Preet ki lat mohe aisi lagi,
Ho gayi mein matwaari,
Bal bal jaaoon apne piya ko,
Hey mein jaaoon waari waari,
Mohe sudh budh nahi rahi tan mann ki,
Ye to jaane duniya saari,
Beebas aur laachaar phiru mein,
Haari mein haari, haari mein haari…...….

Teri deewani teri deewani….....

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Monday, May 01, 2006

I am what I think I am

Guess what????
I am what I think I am
I am happy, cause I think I am happy. I can be irritated too, if I think that I am getting irritated.

But at this moment I am getting bored!!! First of all its a Monday, my mailbox has no more new forwards left. Whatever there were have already been read a dozen of times. So I start dozing off (of course with eyes wide open and an attentive look on face), and start recalling my last week......

"I am engaged!!", so another one falls, and its terrible when thats a GIRL!!

As I turned on my seat to look around, she stood before me, and the dialouge followed, "I am engaged".

I was stunned!!

My audible voice: "Congratulation, what a great news!"
My inner voice: "Damn you!! why???"

My audible voice: "Who is the lucky one??"
My inner voice: "I will kill him."

My audible voice: "Oh, that smart guy with whom you take walk after lunch?"
My inner voice: "Oh!! GHONCHU!! Couldn't you go for a better deal? Couldn't you find a better guy?"

Anyways, lets cool down, lets think of something good, since I only just said "I am what I think I am".

One of the employees was leaving the company, and sent a goodbye mail, and I had a good smile after reading it. First you must read the mail:

Hello All,

Though Its tough ending 6 years old bonding,
However, Time has now come for me to move on.
I am leaving ST and my last day is today.
In the due course of assignments so far, I have been lucky enough to have
worked with all of you.

Thanks for an enriching personal and professional experience.I wish you all,
the best possible success in ST.

It has been wonderful experience for me working with several of you all over
the last six years.
I thank you all for all the support & assistance provided. I wish you
goodluck in your endeavours.

All the best !!

Now comes my interpretation:
F**k you All,

I am immmensly happy to get freedom after 6 years of rigorous imprisonment.

However, time has now come for me to move on. (I didn't chnage this line cause this line perfectly fits here too, lol!!)
I am leaving ST and my last day is today.
In the due course of assignments so far, I have been lucky enough to survive.

You made my personal and professional life a hell.
GOD save you all!!
Best wishes from the devil herslf!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

How Arsenal reached the final

Villarreal: Barbosa, Venta, Pena, Alvarez, Arruabarrena, Riquelme, Josico, Senna, Sorin, Forlan, Franco.

Arsenal: Lehmann, Eboue, Toure, Campbell, Flamini, Hleb, Fabregas, Gilberto, Ljungberg, Reyes, Henry.

Flashback: Read the build-up from down to up:

2136: FULL-TIME Villarreal 0-0 Arsenal (agg 0-1)
Arsenal have done it - Arsene Wenger's side will play in Arsenal's first European Cup final, where they will play either Barcelona or AC Milan on the 17 May in the Stade de France.

The Gunners lived on their nerves throughout the game, no more so than when Jens Lehmann saves Juan Riquelme's penalty in the 89th minute.

2134: Three added minutes are signalled as the game enters stoppage time. Juan Riquelme's penalty miss has knocked the stuffing out of the Villarreal fans as a hush descends on the El Madrigal stadium.

2133: Great drama as Jens Lehmann saves Juan Riquelme's penalty - throwing himself to his left to save the Argentine's poorly placed spotkick.

2132: Villarreal win a penalty in the final two minutes as Jose Mari is ruled to have been fouled by Gael Clichy.

2131: Kolo Toure throws himself at the ball to block a Diego Forlan shot.

2129: Villarreal's Guillermo Franco goes to ground in the box as he desperately tries to win a penalty.

2128: Arsenal are desperately close now - just five minutes to go in the El Madrigal stadium.

2126: Villarreal have begun to lose their composure and are starting to concede silly free-kicks.

2125: Villarreal make their last substitution in one last bid to change the game as Roger replaces Rodolfo Arruabarrena.

2123:Ten minutes left in the game as Fredrik Ljungberg makes a surging run into the Villarreal area.

2119: Villarreal have lost some of the previous zip and Arsenal are looking very comfortable defensively.

2115: Fifteen minutes to go and Arsenal are edging closer to the Champions League final.

2114: Juan Manuel Pena cynically blocks a run from Fredrik Ljungberg, leaving the Swede writhing in agony.

2113: A second substitution for Arsenal as Robert Pires replaces Jose Antonio Reyes.

2112: Villarreal's Mexican international Guillermo Franco gets the ball in the net but is ruled offside.

2107: Villarreal striker Diego Forlan sidefoots the ball well wide with the goal at his mercy.

2104: Arsenal win three corners in quick succession and on the third set-piece Gilberto gets in a header.

Villarreal make their first change, bringing on forward Jose Mari for defensive midfielder Josico.

2100: Jens Lehmann comes a long way to punch clear a Juan Riquelme free-kick.

2059: Sol Campbell needs treatment for a head wound.

2057: Another close escape for Arsenal as Guillermo Franco heads narrowly wide after reaching Marcos Senna's cross.

2054: Arsenal are finding it almost impossible to threaten Villarreal goalkeeper Mariano Barbosa.

2051: Guillermo Franco continues to trouble Arsenal, going close with a thumping header.

2049: After a brief delay Arsenal kick off the second half.

2048: A protestor delays the start of the second half, running on to the pitch, before handing Thierry Henry a Barcelona shirt.

2032: Jens Lehmann spills a Juan Riquelme free-kick but gathers the ball at the second attempt as the half-time whistle goes. Arsenal are now 45 minutes away from their first ever European Cup final.

2030: Jose Antonio Reyes is injured and Villarreal sportingly kick the ball out.

2029: One minute of stoppage time is signalled.

2025: Guillermo Franco is denied by a superb reaction save from Jens Lehmann as he blocks the Villarreal midfielder's header with his chest.

2023: Rodolfo Arruabarrena claims a penalty after getting tangled up with Alexander Hleb but play is waved on.

2020: Gilberto lashes out at Guillermo Franco, but the offence is missed by referee Valentin Ivanov.

2015: Thirty minutes of the game have gone and Arsenal have yet to really get going. Villarreal are moving the ball well, but have yet to seriously test Jens Lehmann.

2006: Thierry Henry drops back into his own half to make an important tackle on Guillermo Franco.

2001: Jens Lehmann makes his first save of the game, clutching the ball to his chest after Juan Pablo Sorin shoots.

Villarreal playmaker Juan Riquelme is starting to dictate the play for the Spanish team.

2000: Fifteen minutes into the game and Arsenal are coming under increased pressure with Villarreal dominating possession.

1957: A second chance for Guillermo Franco and for the second time the Villarreal midfielder skies his shot.

1955: Gael Clichy makes an immediate impact as he sprints down the Villarreal right, though the Spanish side manage to get the ball away.

1953: Seven minutes into the game and Arsenal have to make a substitution as Matthieu Flamini limps off holding his hamstring.

Flamini is replaced by Gael Clichy, who has not played a game since November.

1951: Kolo Toure reacts quickly to stay close to Diego Forlan and concedes a corner.

1948: The first shot of the game goes to Villarreal, but Guillermo Franco's effort is high and wide.

1946: Alexander Hleb is poleaxed by Quique Alvarez's heavy tackle.

1945: Arsenal's semi-final second-leg against Villarreal is underway with the Spanish side kicking off.

Monday, April 17, 2006

From here and there

Scanned the network for some good stuff, found pdfs in hindi in a folder named "masti" and read one or two pages from them; found out that the person sharing them may be a g**. You can guess what kind of masti articles they were.

Looked around my cubicle: Cluttered. Spent some time getting it arranged.

While lokking around, saw an inverter drawn on my whiteboard. An inverter has two CMOS transistors, one is PMOS and the other one is NMOS. A MOS transistor has four pins: SOURCE, BODY, DRAIN and GATE.

Now, I am also feeling like a MOS transistor with my BODY and SOURCE connected to the DRAIN, and DRAIN itself connected to a deeper DRAIN. And....... a stick on my GATE, that is my ass in the real world!!!. The stick is of course my boss!!!

Got 32 missed call from 9811167508, if someone can tell who this is, I will be grateful!

This reservation policy that Indian government is working on will setback the devlopment of the country by almost 50 years. I think after some time the general category will be itself in need of some reservation quota. I am feeling sad that a foolish person like Arjun Singh was the one as chief guest in my Convocation Ceremony! I really regret getting the most important degree of my life from the most despised person.

Something went wrong in my other side of life. :(

I am planning for a trip to Ladakh and Leh this summer. I hope something works out and I get the leaves.

After all the record breaking recruitments at IIMs and some of my friends getting through the toughest exam in the world "Belling the CAT" I am sick and tired of hearing my mom say, "Why don't you also go for MBA ?". Is it all that necessary that I follow the crowd?????

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Rishikesh Trip

Ok I will start with this pic. Although much had already happened in the trip:
We started around midnight from Delhi. "We" includes me, Abhishek, Sourav, Mohit and Sandy. See how the story unfolds and the new names come forth.

We headed towards Mussoorie and on the way passed by Roorkee and Dehradun. Feeling too sleepy the driver took a break at a dhaba. No not a tea break but a nap. And with him on the first seat, sandy on the second, the reat of us were left with just 1 seat to share.

So we came out of the stuffy place and rolled out on the cots down there for the truck drivers. Dekhte hi dekhte it was bright blue sky. And we moved forward on our journey.

Now, Mussoorie is a quiet a place, "not worth vising even once". Everywhere ther is commercialization. And the place has got no tourist spots but just shops. Only spot where one can have some fun is Campty Falls.

Then we headed for Rishikesh by evening and the pic below is taken on our way to the camp where we had a night stay.

The we had a small volleyball match on the Ganges river bank. Everyone being a novice in this game, the ball was uncontrollale. At last we decided on a better game: "football" using "volleyball" but not before we captured our skills on the shutterbug.

The night stay at the camp was really great, and the moments can't be captured in my words. We had some vodka arranged for the night, only some. And loads of kurkure and namkeen. The atmosphere and ambience was great. Bon Fire alongside and the silent sound of the river flowing added to the pleasure. Every one of us swept away from the real world.....

This is myself and Katy (katy since his last name is katihar, although I like calling him HULK) infront of our camp.

This is when we reached one of the rock heights.

Just before the rafting session started we were in really high spirits.

In between the session we had to ask for some breaks (some of them for peeing, we just could't let it loose in ganges!!!). we were all dead tired, but the spirits I was talking about kept us going.

The ultimate thriller was the cliff jumping. Before reaching the height we were bus itna saa, and upon reaching the height we almost froze......

This is the chosen pic of all the pics taken throughout the journey:

Ah I forgot about the cheer up songs we had on the raft:
Oh Baby
Oh Baby
Oh Baby
oooooooooooooooo....(and then a splash of our oars into the water)

This trip was really a great one. My companions on this trip were:
SSC (Sandy Sleeper Class)
and Mohit Sex Hai Naa (he is actually mohit sexena)


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Holiday season

The checklist for our rishikesh trip:
17.Liquor & Cigarettes ( We do not serve any).

Monday, April 03, 2006

Typical Console View

My typical console view looks something like this most of the time:

This may give you an idea of the pathetic rate at which the simulations are completed. But this is one of the better status. Look closely at the medium and the short queues, which are genrally pending with around 10000 jobs and running none!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Police Station

Well a good discussion on Jassi's blog was going on Eve Teasing-Street sexual harassment.

As the comments flew in from all over the last comment by Raghav went something like this:

went through quite a few blogs of that stuff………and a few things on orkut also……..girls are sad helpless creatures……….this isnt what i say, this is what most of those girls believe….how many times has even one of hem went forward and slappped the concerned person, it might not be always possible and someties its better to run than to slap but whenever they do get a chance its upto them to return the favour to guys…..if they dont do so they themselves are encouraging such a behaviour.
and yeah last but not the least eve teasing is a legal offence, how many times have these girls went to the local police station to register a complaint ???

ps : im not saying that its the girls fault or something, im just posting some stuff which i believe has not been touched in all those blogs.

Well the word police station got my attention, and I thought about our local police station.

Think about it....What does your own local police station look like, or any other that you have seen looks like??

A strange place with the overhanging police station board rusting away. A cot outside for the policewallahs to relax in sun duing winters and nights during summers. A small entrance, beyond which one can see faint light coming, or sometimes pitch dark. Usually the policemen in their undershirts and khakhi pants yawning and coming out for fresh air.

The place gives a creepy feeling. Leave aside the look on the policewallahs themselves, which is as if they are ready to harass anyone. They give a feeling of criminals in uniform, on the prowl. Till date, I haven't met even a single policeman who seemed to be giving a "feel of safety".

So how can anyone even think of getting near them for a complaint; getting inside that dark, dingy police station is a far-fetched idea.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Movies over the weekend

What does one do when the jobs are not running on the LSF, that's the term for Linux Server Farm.
The queue position is something like this:
crnd-short pending: 41600
crnd-medium pending: 4000

In such moments of impatience, and too on a monday one can only think about how the weekend passed away so quickly!!

Well if I start thinking.....

My weekend started with a great movie on friday evening, "SPACE STATION". Know more about this terrific 3-D movie made in association with NASA on this link:

The theatre IMAX itself is huge in size and the service staff over there is really upto the higher standards. The voice quality is one of the best, and the sheer size and clarity of the picture will bring one back to the theatre time and again.

The next movie was the Oscar winner "CRASH" on saturday afternoon. A great movie which presents the racial discrimination in day today life in America. The sequence of events confuses one in the beginning but as the story unfolds the real truth come forth.

The best dialogue of the movie:
"It's the sense of touch. In any real city, you walk, you know? You brush past people, people bump into you. In L.A., nobody touches you. We're always behind this metal and glass. I think we miss that touch so much, that we crash into each other, just so we can feel something."

Then on sunday morning it was "Syriana". Another good movie, with George Clooney striking again this time with his acting skills. Syriana shows one of the reasons why I hate America!!

The movie goes about the ways which America takes to strike a successful oil deal, and the hardships people involved in the industry have to face because of all the confusion created.

And finally on sunday eve it was "Being Cyrus".

I wasn't expecting much from the movie, but still reached 3C's Lajpat Nagar.

I was here for the first time and the hall here is terrible, it smells slightly, has got a very small screen, but luckily we got a good seat.

BTW the movie is a directional debut of Homi Adajania that spins around the Sethnas, a parsi family.

The movie was unexpectedly good. There were great dialogues and acting by Saif, Naseeruddin Shah , Dimple Kapadia, Boman Irani, Simone Singh and a couple of others. The parsi touch to the movie made it all the more interesting. The comedy was excellent, and got everyone laughing from the kids in the back row of the hall to the grey haired junta besides us.

In the end the movie was quiet different, and makes it a good movie to be see at least once.

So, 4 great movies in just a is good.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Meeting Bittal

Nishant Bittal came over to noida this saturday, along came Rands. And for the next 3 hours we had a lot of chit-chat and a bit of shopping.

In the pic below, going left to right one can find rands, myself and bittal. The bags in rands and bittal's hand may give you an idea of the shopping we were up to.

Koutons is doing a great job giving huge discounts of 50%+40%, so that hum bhookhe nange bachche bhi kuch pahan sakein.

Chit chat was the usual idhar ki baat udhar.

Most of you must be by now familiar withidhar ki baat.

Well I heard some couple of interesting udhar ki baat.
(I don't guarantee the validity of the events that I will be telling over here, as I have myself heard them from bittal)

Five of my junior friends including deva went out for a couple of drinks in the village behind our campus. They drank some, got drunk and bought some more.

At the bar they had a fight with one of the locals and of course it led to fist fight and our 5 heroes overpowered the local and beat him up. All smiles they were returning to the campus with loads of beer along.

Suddenly the police came out from nowhere along with the local. Getting the right opportunity 3 of my friends fled with the beer.

The police caught up with the remaining 2 including deva. But our heroes were still in the dreams and broke out a fight with the police too. After some punches landing here and there the police overpowered them, but one of my friends also succeeded in fleeing away. Again deva left behind!!

The police took out its anger on deva and beat him black and blue in the station; till dihing's caretaker came to him rescue.

Bittal found him sometime after midnight roaming on the corridors of kapili with cream all over his face. Thinking he must have got really drunk,
Bittal asked: "jyada pee li hai kya?"
Deva: "Nahi yaar, Saalon ne bahut maara"


The story doesn't end here.
All five of them have been detained for 8 months by the DISCO (not the usual cool place to chill out but the much feared Disciplinary Commitee).

Deva went home just after the decision to recover from the shock. The DISCO dispatched the letters of their decision to the defaulters home. Someone informed deva about this action, and deva told "main sambhaal loonga yaar".

Deva caught up with the post just in time and hid the letter. Everything was under control. Deva went off for sleep....zzzz.....

Only to be woken up by his father....the letters had also reached the home of the other 4. One of the parents got worried and thought this was too hard a punishment, and rang up deva's father to support him for requesting pardon.

Deva al last got caught in his own web. Best of luck deva!

Another news is that Vamsi fell out from the 3 rd floor as told by bittal and got his leg broken seriously. Supposedly he was drunk and slipped.

Towards the end of our meet we also went to an Adidas store. Saw this great looking official world cup football which is worth possessing. The cost : Rs. 4500.

Bittal told me that its much cheaper in Europe, so I request anyone who is heading in that direction to get one for me.

NCR reporter.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Something from Home

Well I talked about my friends and colleagues and what not in my blogs but missed my cute little tuffy.

The breed is Lhasa Apso, age is almost 8 years but young at heart, barks and gets mad for every male species around, but gets cozy and wags his tail for any female ones around; kind of eve teasing. lol!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Sorry I didn't get the time for the story to follow each pic because of an unusual working day!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Rights of a Pro

Recetly I came across prostitutes fighting over for their rights, gays fighting for their own, movies being released to support the idea and what not.

Then I came across this "abla naari" (helpless bitch) whom we call Rands. The demand of this lolita can been seen in the hungry eyes of anpad and valli.

Caution: Don't get naughty with the pic.
Have a great Holi

I start my wishes with a great message for the workaholics.

The moral of the passage for those who couldn't even get the time to read it:
"Live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment to come. Even god is not sure whether there will be a tomorrow. And read the passage it won't take much time."

Now the colourful wihses,

Friday, March 10, 2006

Takel's Visit
So at last Takel visited Delhi, and at last after months we all NCR region people had a purpose to have a get-together.

Well although we ST (my company) junta dosen't need a reason to do so, but its not the same with all the others, "they have got a job to do yaar!!".

And the venue none other than right under booba's belly!!

I meant at his house. He also had a sad story. Just a few months into the job, Booba was having his so called team building training. His team was running against time and he was the person who had the responsibilty in the end to take his team to the winning position. So he took a giant leap in the air and landed with a seriously injured foot. Later to be diagnosed as multiple fracture.

Well now what we think is:
Booba was the person who was runnning the last lap of the race. suddenly he hears the most desirable girl of his office shouting with all her energy "come on booba come on!!!!! u can do it!!!". Hearing this booba pushed the accelerator to the limit and dived towards the finish line. That was the end.......

Anyways, one shouldn't laugh at his story, he will feel bad. He is almost recovered. Doctors have told him to put his partial weigth on that leg. (What will the other leg think lifting the rest of 80kgs alone!!!). Yes he has gained 10 kgs in all those days.

Not boring you all any more here are the pics sequentially put.

As always Booba was on phone, very busy......In the pic other than boobs in orange, u can find me, rands, deepok, funky, cadi, bhuppi and takel.

The new entry here is jonny or ZON.

Yes this is the pic in which every one is so happy beacuse cadi is cut out from the pic. Poor cadi, he gave one last attempt to get his face in!!!
Anyways he is the riched of us all with a saving of 1 lakh in PPF and more than that left out.

Jhuppy joined us late in the evening. Then we went out to have some drinks and watch out for girls at Priya.

Inside the Bar.

And yes Rands really savours the taste of hard drinks now. Returns home drunk and falls down on his bathroom floor. Has also made his mark on his manager (More of seduced him with his G); in the recent appraisals got an expected A.

Bhupee and myself.

Delhi roads.....

But anywhere, anytime takla had his way through to the peeing sessions!!

Finally the night at Jhonnys place. Didn't had much to drink. Just a peg of Teacher's whisjey and that too in steel glasses.

The whole night takel spent chatting with funky. I was feeling too damn tired so dozed off somewhere around 1:00am.

But my sleep was frequently broken by funky's laughter, and whatever i heard was their frustation with job and girls.

So in the morning I was told that really they were discussing girls the whole night. And finally they have decided to try their best to get a girl by this year end, otheriwse they will be off to Bangkok and loose their virginity!!!