Saturday, August 01, 2009

SOM rus

Thursday, Friday and Saturday in hel(L) are meant to be the JD day in this semester. The subject has been taken very well. Each funda is imbibed with great logic and thought. Deep thinking will permit you to appreciate this "SOM rus" as spread by god himself.

"If you think you can stay away from data, I have some bad news for you! Data can't stay away from you"

"History reflects future"

"Don't lose heart! Even if you do you have your Excel along with you :) "

"Smart heuristics can make life easier"

"The numbers look rosy on a spreadsheet"

"Work hard! You might be known tomorrow as a stand alone person who is a wiz kid with numbers"

"Life still begins with means and standard deviations"

"I am not a powerpoint person"

"I can sleepwalk thorugh Excel"

"Honeymoon period is much longer if the processes are not in place."

The best one is yet to come:

"How do you calculate the length of an arc?
You simply have 2 choices:
1. Pay someone else to do it
2. Do it yourself. Now how to do it yourself? Simple. Divide the arc into small segments so that they look like pretty staright lines. Now, you measure each line with a scale. Add all the numbers and you have the length of an arc."