Friday, August 18, 2006

Meeting pussy

Our very own brand ambassador of HAPPY DENT WHITE GUM was over here from amrica.
And for the meet came out rands, boobs (not in this pic), varwal, jhuppy, funky and myself (well kah lo yaar, G!!!).

Loads of news came out from each one of us. Boobs is now placed in Lehman and will soon move out to Bombay. Jhuppy is already preparing for the masters in football (oh and a bit of study of VLSI too) in Southampton, UK. Varwal’s CAT preparations are going strong. He is regularly attending classes and getting good scores too (Source: kuch gupt sutr). Funky is also trying hard to get a job change. He is even more frustrated after OM ji, who shifted along with him some time back, has also started dating and god knows what else. Besides funky’s own bro screwing some girls in the same house.

NOTE(may be of interest to some): OM ji go out to Sarai Kale Khan at peculiar times like 10 at night or 5 in the morning, and usually come back after a night stay at that place. He has also started body building. kalyug aa gaya hai doston.

Rands was on a date with a girl named “Anna” (funky’s old school friend and a part of friends list of many on orkut eg. takel). In the end of the date the baniya inside rands woke up (after spending a day’s salary) and said “agli baar paise tu degi!!”.

Finally its my turn, I am doing good at job. I am not giving CAT. I am not giving interviews for job change. I still have no girlfriends. But yes, I still do play football.

About pussy, he is almost the same but his voice is now really heavy. His oozing out teeth even whiter. In fact we didn’t even have to put the flash on for the pics taken. lol!

He showed us some great pics from amrica. Matwari is almost a rock star now. Big flowing hair, girls all around jumping with joy and asking for more of the guitar. (Just think of the AXE ad with the guy on guitar and girls shouting out loud at every move). Caution for matwari: In every pic we got the impression that torch was trying to get near his girlfriend.

But when the turn came for pussad to show the pics of his own girlfriend he immediately logged out. After much insistence (by us “frustu” junta) he logged in again. His head bowed down, his teeth returned back inside like a tortoise shying away inside its shell.
Leaving rest to the imagination..........

Ciao, Ankush.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Cola bubble

The Brits came, ruled, looted and fled. The Americans are coming, looting, giving pyaar ki jhuppies (Americans read it as: diplomatic talks) and god only knows that they will never flee.

An instance from the past:
The Britishers made the Indian farmers to grow Poppy crops on their fields. The fields got ruined of their nutrients and the farmers were paid a pity amount. The Poppy was sold at very high prices to China and when China put up a resistance, a war was waged at the expense of Indian soldiers.

An instance from the present:
The cola companies set up their plants in India calling it foreign investments; manufacturing bottles full of pesticides and insecticides. And when India tries to put up some resistance in the form of bans in some states, the Big Daddy shows the anger:

Isn't there a good sort of correlation between the two instances???? Except the fact that India is now 50+years old "free" and "sovereign" nation.

Is America ready to consume each and every drop of cola manufactured in India???

Maybe if someone from India gives a drink of cola to an American citizen, then it will be termed as a terrorist attack, an inhuman behavior, a conspiracy and what not.

Better still, maybe if this cola bubble "manufactured in India" bursts over America then the next days' headline will be something like this:
"Chemical warfare by India"

Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Dreamer's world

Once there came from the desert to the great city of Sharia a man who was a dreamer, and he had naught but his garment and staff.

And as he walked through the streets he gazed with awe and wonder at the temples and towers and palaces, for the city of Sharia was of surpassing beauty. And he spoke often to the passers-by, questioning them about their city -- but they understood not his language, nor he their language.

At the noon hour he stopped before a vast inn. It was built of yellow marble, and people were going in and coming out unhindered.

"This must be a shrine," he said to himself, and he too went in. But what was his surprise to find himself in a hall of great splendour and a large company of men and women seated about many tables. They were eating and drinking and listening to the musicians.

"Nay," said the dreamer. "This is no worshipping. It must be a feast given by the prince to the people, in celebration of a great event."

At that moment a man, whom he took to be the slave of the prince, approached him, and bade him be seated. And he was served with meat and wine and most excellent sweets.

When he was satisfied, the dreamer rose to depart. At the door he was stopped by a large man magnificently arrayed.

"Surely this is the prince himself," said the dreamer in his heart, and he bowed to him and thanked him.

Then the large man said in the language of the city: "Sir, you have not paid for your dinner." And the dreamer did not understand, and again thanked him heartily. Then the large man bethought him, and he looked more closely upon the dreamer. And he saw that he was a stranger, clad in but a poor garment, and that indeed he had not wherewith to pay for his meal. Then the large man clapped his hands and called -- and there came four watchmen of the city. And they listened to the large man. Then they took the dreamer between them, and they were two on each side of him. And the dreamer noted the ceremoniousness of their dress and of their manner and he looked upon them with delight.

"These," said he, "are men of distinction."

And they walked all together until they came to the House of Judgement and they entered.

The dreamer saw before him, seated upon a throne, a venerable man with flowing beard, robed majestically. And he thought he was the king. And he rejoiced to be brought before him.

Now the watchmen related to the judge, who was the venerable man, the charge against the dreamer; and the judge appointed two advocates, one to present the charge and the other to defend the stranger. And the advocates rose, the one after the other, and delivered each his argument. And the dreamer thought himself to be listening to addresses of welcome, and his heart filled with gratitude to the king and the prince for all that was done for him.

Then sentence was passed upon the dreamer, that upon a tablet about his neck his crime should be written, and that he should ride through the city on a naked horse, with a trumpeter and a drummer before him. And the sentence was carried out forthwith.

Now as the dreamer rode through the city upon the naked horse, with the trumpeter and the drummer before him, the inhabitants of the city came running forth at the sound of the noise, and when they saw him they laughed one and all, and the children ran after him in companies from street to street. And the dreamer’s heart was filled with ecstasy, and his eyes shone upon them. For to him the tablet was a sign of the king’s blessing and the procession was in his honour.

Now as he rode, he saw among the crowd a man who was from the desert like himself and his heart swelled with joy, and he cried out to him with a shout: "Friend! Friend! Where are we? What city of the heart’s desire is this? What race of lavish hosts?-- who feast the chance guest in their palaces, whose princes companion him, whose king hangs a token upon his breast and opens to him the hospitality of a city descended from heaven?"

And he who was also of the desert replied not. He only smiled and slightly shook his head. And the procession passed on.

And the dreamer’s face was uplifted and his eyes were overflowing with light.

Think of the dreamer and one finds out that there is nothing wrong the dreamer did. A nightmare for one belonging to the city itself, who understood the language, turns out to be the dream of the other. The only thing he was incapable of was understanding the words of the rich.

I am thinking…………am I not the dreamer??????