Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Love of Traveling

I love traveling. I love traveling on trains. I love traveling on trains in India. The sounds of people all around. The local languages buzzing my ears. The salesmen and saleswomen pestering every person to sell their products is unique ways is amazing. The sights of our diverse India from the barred windows is rejuvenating.

Well, I got pretty bored of studying. I have to do that cause 2 quizzes tomorrow and mid terms starting from the day after should be reason enough to start studying! Study!
But I needed a break. And what could have been better then seeing the pics while I was traveling to Ahmedabad from Lucknow recently on a sports meet Sangharsh.......

No journey is a travel into the unknown, rather it is an exploration of possibilities........Ankush (4.2.2009) :)