Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Yeah!!! I think it was the first time and (crossed my fingers) should not be the last time that I was able to crack open a manac quiz. But wooh!!! It wasn't easy, although the quiz turned out to be very easy for most of us, the tension was too much. I had already flunked badly in my first quiz and if I goofed up this one then my confidence would have been all time low. And that too just before the mid-sems next week.
S what better way to celebrate the occasion than remembering the dialogs from the God himself. (God and Devil are perfectly substitutable words in a hell)

"Look at the enthusiasm in the people to attend a manac class. The frog is hopping around to participate in class discussions". (pointing to a class who was having a bad day)

A fellow student's cellphone rang up. So??? Its hell baby!! cellphones ringing in class can attract a fine of Rs. 5000. the student's cell phone rang up.....
"Sir, check to kar lo who is calling. It is important, and it is worth checking since that call was worth Rs. 5000. I can allow important calls in class. It may be from the President of India.......Come on, try to control your cellphone, switch it off. This is the first time and the last time that I am forgiving you. Arre bhai mobile phone control nahi kar paoge to kal shaadi ho jaayegi phir kya karoge???........."

Just before the second quiz, when we were all tensed up:
"I will give easy quiz. If you attend my classes you will be able to sole the questions. Aakhir main ek acchha aadmi hoon. I wake up every morning, do some yoga, relax and tell myself that main ek acchha aadmi hoon....."

Completed a month in hel(L)....

2 quizzes: LAM and MAN(i)AC
One assignment submission: MAN(i)A:( again .......
already 2 in the night....and I am stuck with with bad debts...couldn't ask for more "bad" thoughts.....but then it strike me that I had completed one whole month in hel(L)....

"Move on", a voice exclaims.

"Do I have a choice?",
my mind strains.....

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Let me innovate

I was able to recall something from the least I was able to....:)....otherwise it was like a with eyes wide open.....
The lecture was about innovation. It may refer to both radical and incremental changes in thinking, in things, in processes or in services. WOW!! that was straight off wikipedia. But how does one innovate? The answer was right there in the next slide of the professor. The three Bs. Necessary but not sufficient.

BED--you take rest, go to sleep and dream and dream and think of something out of the box...:)...this suits me the best....
BATH--you take no...u decide to take bath.....turn on the tap and while u think about getting the first drop of water on your body, walla!! The excuse of not taking another tiring process of cleansing oneself motivates one to innovate and shout out loud "Eureka"...and what...yes you have started the process of innovation....:)
BUS-- you travel on a bus....long journey and you again doze of and again innovation process begins..... lemme try the one that suits me well......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz