Friday, February 08, 2008

My defining moments......(Part 1)

Well well I haven't been that bored for a long long fact not long enough to sit down and update my blog.....
But today Iam totally stressed out....coming back from IIM Lucknow GD/PI round....woofff!!! totally drained out....
GD topic: "If you are being a part of a majority then it is time for reform(fullstop) ".
he he....and as the moderator said "Start", I hadn't seen a quieter room than ours......eveyrone intelligently lokked at everyone else for a start! and then the moderator had to push the start buttom again......he he......someone started with the mojority thing......but it went on well......

I am still not able to asses my interview. Some questions asked were:
--> What is a layout in chip desiging?
--> What is the difference between GSM and CDMA? I had no good idea about it!
-->What is communication?
-->What are the different kinds of communication techniques?
-->What is the difference between a manager and an entrepreneur?
-->Who is out telecommunication minister?
-->If you would have to change one thing about BJP what would that be?
-->What are the technological advancements in "NANO"?

Well that was came to an abrupt end....I answered some went unanswered.....This is what I call arbitapa at its best........:)
next stop : bombay!!! I hope the MNS group is calmed down by the time I land there ;)