Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I swam across oceans,

I crawled across deserts,

I trekked the highest peaks,

I crossed great rivers,

I ran bare on fire,

I walked naked on ice,

I have been a king,

I have been a prostitute,

I killed many,

I killed myself,

I create my gods,

I wear my religion,

I am a great friend,

I am a bit better, enemy,

I lived for ages,

I died million times,

I followed the sun,

I was outrun by the nights,

I stopped....

I let the darkness to prevail....

I thought....

I meditated...

I introspected....

I stopped fighting the lies....

I was in the darkest of the nights...




Faint light within, then shone on the mighty me,

I now knew, why stars are not visible in the electrified city,

Truth was again facing me,

But, I fear the cycle to repeat.....

My will power suppresses the fear,

I wipe away my dry tear,

Hope has kept me alive,

So I know, hope will again show me the light....