Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bangaluru: Shoes from US

Place: Microsoft Office
Time: 10:00 am
Serious stuff going on all around. People checking mails, orkuts, tweets, last night's IPL matches, Wall Street movements, Redmond activities everything. I hear voices of conversations from everywhere. The work places are heating up and people are buzzing with life. Moving all around to find what will the next move of the customers so that they move with the moves to keep abreast of their purchase decisions. This is the Sales and Marketing floor of Microsoft.
On my left:
Hey Venkaaat!! What is this yaar? Where are the updates from the Rajasthan Royals vs Bengal Tigers match? We have to get on that asap. Put on some more Microsoft banners up there.
On my Right: We got to create 70000 Ids for the teachers. It will work. The teachers would log on for the Teacher's award and voila! This will definitely work. What else do you propose? No your idea is a bit.....
Diagonally opposite: Sir, are you able to connect to your live chat? Yes, now switch off the video, it's taking too much of the bandwidth.
On the office entrance and slowly moving inwards: AArvind!
Evil in formals!
Came in shouting....Hey all I got shoes from US. Finally! See......Yeeesss they are white in colour. Hey I lost them there. Then I filed a complaint in the Hotel. They really liked me so searched for it and now I have them.
Wait I will wear them and show them to you. (Amazingly) He raise his leg (astounding!) over the 5ft cubicle walls!! (Just to show his shoes!! wow!!!)
Then we walks all around the floor. One foot with black leather formal shoe and the other with white gleaming shoes imported from the states.........That's Aravind!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bangalooru: Making the rotis!

Well well! bangalore....bangy.....bangalooru....whatever one says its is one hell of a city....:)
And the closest hell mates here are DK, bhoda and hary. People have changed....but not these 3.....still the same wine in old bottles.....
Scene: DK's home
Situation: Dinner has to be made. There has been rice made for the last 2 years. Once before an attempt was done to make rotis. Sadly it failed :D. The rotis were hard enough to play freesbee. :D
Problem: Now the hunger for rotis was again up! But who would again try the long process? And the pointed fingers, all five of them for : Me!!!

Easy task! ha ha(this was DK laughing!)

Its the toughest!
Step 1: The mashing up of the atta itself is herculean. I think even Herculeus made his muscles by making the doughs on a regular basis. No gyms required thereafter!

Step 2: Use the dough to make rotis. (I forgot to tell that rotis are round in shape.) I know perfection is difficult to attain! But close to round would have sufficed. But :(( they were of all shapes bu round!

Step 3: Put on the tawa on low heat and put the rotis on it after it warms up.

Step 4: When the roti seems to be a bit cooked, take it off. Put it directly on flames for final finishing touches.

Walla! You have the rotis ready.

Yes agreed that they didn't look like rotis. They were maps of different countries around the world. I particularly liked Sri Lanka coming up nicely. :)

But in the end what really mattered was that they were SOFT!!!!
We enjoyed the rotis! Aur DK ke ghar main saalon baad roti ban gayi! what else does a contended man wants !