Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Nothing, almost nothing!

Relaxing, dozing off, mailing, reading arbit stuff, wondering, dreaming, thinking...
PL suddenly comes around and asks: "to kya chal raha hai??? "
Mein: "kuch nahi" ------translating------> "nothing"
PL : " kya kuch nahi!!"
Mein: "nahi aisa nahi hai, i mean i m reading the specification document and......" ---------translating-------> "almost nothing"

Times like these do happen when you come face to face with NOTHING, mathematically a null set, physically a black empty space, in general terms a vella and in my own terms arbitapa!

That Nothing. Nothing with more qualities than nothing else. Just think about God logically...Every single thing that exisits outside god's capability, was created by God (i thinjk thats what a god is for!). Even the word "creator" was created by him. But did he create "nothing", or is it just the lack of creation whihc led to creating "nothing". So we have something that is seriously attributeless which we know of as Nothing. (Dimaag ghooma naa.........mine has already taken a full turn!!)

Eastern Philosophy says that "Stillness of Mind" can only be achieved by concentrating on Nothing (at least I have something to report to my PL, i have got stillness of mind!). There is no such thing as nothing in the real world (forget matrix!!). Even black colour and black space is something. So according to them the only place where nothing can truly exist in this whole wide infinite universe is in Your Mind. I have just begun to meditate on Nothing and lemme tell you thinking about it is hard. I am at black empty space as big as a stadium as of now.

I got hold of something else too: "He who knows that he knows nothing is the Wisest". So the guy who knows NOTHING, knows it he is the wisest. Isn't that strange, when he knows that he is wise, then he knows something, which implies that he must not be knowing nothing, then how can he..........^%*&^%#&$ (i m going mad.....)

I will call up one of my dear friends now,
tring tring.....
tring tring....
"hey hello..."
"what are u doing???"
"nothing yaar!!"
almost nothing!

Monday, October 16, 2006


Land of diversity: India will always remain so and that’s one of the reasons I love it.
A recent conversation over the coffee went something like this:
Friend 1: Yaar there is only dominoes pizza in greater noida. It’s so disgusting.
Friend 2: yes dude who would like dominoes.
Friend 1: ya, pizza hut is so good. I don’t know who goes for dominoes. It has got such a bad crust. Thick and tasteless and less of cheese.
Friend 3 (enters the scene): Kiski baat chal rahi hai???
Friend 1: pizza ki baat chal rahi thi.
Friend 3: haan yaar, dominoes is the best…….. (we just stare at him…..how can he!!) Uski crust to mast hoti hai. Aur pizza hut kitna ganda….cheese hi cheese……

This is just one instance which we have benchmarked to showcase the diversity of opinions on any topic.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Snippets from the last month

Me: so what happened to your delivery???
****: delivery??? Please be clear….
Me: Delivery bhai!! …..after noticing the stare getting bigger project delivery, of course!!
****: should make that clear ;)

Me: who was that girl that you were chatting to???
Frustu phattu: Kaun?
Me: The one you had the breakfast with.
Frustu phattu: acchha woh!! I don’t know her name.
Me: How can that be?? You were having a nice chat with her.
Frustu phattu: arre haan yaad aaya, her name is ****. But suna hai that she has proposed someone else.
Me: what do you mean by “propose”???? Define it please.
Frustu phattu: (a very sick statement)

An Investment banker’s biography: what to do and what not to do in Hyderabad. This story will be disclosed in the coming pages after proper authorization.

Two new members join our coffee table brigade: G ji and SJ (yet to have an offical name). G ji doesn’t like our insensible talks and not even my khattas.

Expenses for the weekend:
Movie tickets: Rs. 600
Drinks: Rs. 120
Food: Rs. 200
Masti: Priceless
Movie: Worthless, mat poochna kaunsi, have a guess!!

Reading now a days: Crossings by Daniel Steel
Felt to be very boring in the start but has come up as an engrossing novel. It takes one along the journeys across the Atlantic in the most luxurious ship as well as on a ship about to be sunk by the German U-boats anytime.

Saw Notting Hill for the 20th time this weekend and found it even more romantic.

Rands giving the news that he/she has already given the resignation and then coming to me after a coupla days and telling me not to tell that to anyone. Strange!!

Ankit back from a trip to Italy, with a bottle of wine.