Wednesday, April 26, 2006

How Arsenal reached the final

Villarreal: Barbosa, Venta, Pena, Alvarez, Arruabarrena, Riquelme, Josico, Senna, Sorin, Forlan, Franco.

Arsenal: Lehmann, Eboue, Toure, Campbell, Flamini, Hleb, Fabregas, Gilberto, Ljungberg, Reyes, Henry.

Flashback: Read the build-up from down to up:

2136: FULL-TIME Villarreal 0-0 Arsenal (agg 0-1)
Arsenal have done it - Arsene Wenger's side will play in Arsenal's first European Cup final, where they will play either Barcelona or AC Milan on the 17 May in the Stade de France.

The Gunners lived on their nerves throughout the game, no more so than when Jens Lehmann saves Juan Riquelme's penalty in the 89th minute.

2134: Three added minutes are signalled as the game enters stoppage time. Juan Riquelme's penalty miss has knocked the stuffing out of the Villarreal fans as a hush descends on the El Madrigal stadium.

2133: Great drama as Jens Lehmann saves Juan Riquelme's penalty - throwing himself to his left to save the Argentine's poorly placed spotkick.

2132: Villarreal win a penalty in the final two minutes as Jose Mari is ruled to have been fouled by Gael Clichy.

2131: Kolo Toure throws himself at the ball to block a Diego Forlan shot.

2129: Villarreal's Guillermo Franco goes to ground in the box as he desperately tries to win a penalty.

2128: Arsenal are desperately close now - just five minutes to go in the El Madrigal stadium.

2126: Villarreal have begun to lose their composure and are starting to concede silly free-kicks.

2125: Villarreal make their last substitution in one last bid to change the game as Roger replaces Rodolfo Arruabarrena.

2123:Ten minutes left in the game as Fredrik Ljungberg makes a surging run into the Villarreal area.

2119: Villarreal have lost some of the previous zip and Arsenal are looking very comfortable defensively.

2115: Fifteen minutes to go and Arsenal are edging closer to the Champions League final.

2114: Juan Manuel Pena cynically blocks a run from Fredrik Ljungberg, leaving the Swede writhing in agony.

2113: A second substitution for Arsenal as Robert Pires replaces Jose Antonio Reyes.

2112: Villarreal's Mexican international Guillermo Franco gets the ball in the net but is ruled offside.

2107: Villarreal striker Diego Forlan sidefoots the ball well wide with the goal at his mercy.

2104: Arsenal win three corners in quick succession and on the third set-piece Gilberto gets in a header.

Villarreal make their first change, bringing on forward Jose Mari for defensive midfielder Josico.

2100: Jens Lehmann comes a long way to punch clear a Juan Riquelme free-kick.

2059: Sol Campbell needs treatment for a head wound.

2057: Another close escape for Arsenal as Guillermo Franco heads narrowly wide after reaching Marcos Senna's cross.

2054: Arsenal are finding it almost impossible to threaten Villarreal goalkeeper Mariano Barbosa.

2051: Guillermo Franco continues to trouble Arsenal, going close with a thumping header.

2049: After a brief delay Arsenal kick off the second half.

2048: A protestor delays the start of the second half, running on to the pitch, before handing Thierry Henry a Barcelona shirt.

2032: Jens Lehmann spills a Juan Riquelme free-kick but gathers the ball at the second attempt as the half-time whistle goes. Arsenal are now 45 minutes away from their first ever European Cup final.

2030: Jose Antonio Reyes is injured and Villarreal sportingly kick the ball out.

2029: One minute of stoppage time is signalled.

2025: Guillermo Franco is denied by a superb reaction save from Jens Lehmann as he blocks the Villarreal midfielder's header with his chest.

2023: Rodolfo Arruabarrena claims a penalty after getting tangled up with Alexander Hleb but play is waved on.

2020: Gilberto lashes out at Guillermo Franco, but the offence is missed by referee Valentin Ivanov.

2015: Thirty minutes of the game have gone and Arsenal have yet to really get going. Villarreal are moving the ball well, but have yet to seriously test Jens Lehmann.

2006: Thierry Henry drops back into his own half to make an important tackle on Guillermo Franco.

2001: Jens Lehmann makes his first save of the game, clutching the ball to his chest after Juan Pablo Sorin shoots.

Villarreal playmaker Juan Riquelme is starting to dictate the play for the Spanish team.

2000: Fifteen minutes into the game and Arsenal are coming under increased pressure with Villarreal dominating possession.

1957: A second chance for Guillermo Franco and for the second time the Villarreal midfielder skies his shot.

1955: Gael Clichy makes an immediate impact as he sprints down the Villarreal right, though the Spanish side manage to get the ball away.

1953: Seven minutes into the game and Arsenal have to make a substitution as Matthieu Flamini limps off holding his hamstring.

Flamini is replaced by Gael Clichy, who has not played a game since November.

1951: Kolo Toure reacts quickly to stay close to Diego Forlan and concedes a corner.

1948: The first shot of the game goes to Villarreal, but Guillermo Franco's effort is high and wide.

1946: Alexander Hleb is poleaxed by Quique Alvarez's heavy tackle.

1945: Arsenal's semi-final second-leg against Villarreal is underway with the Spanish side kicking off.

Monday, April 17, 2006

From here and there

Scanned the network for some good stuff, found pdfs in hindi in a folder named "masti" and read one or two pages from them; found out that the person sharing them may be a g**. You can guess what kind of masti articles they were.

Looked around my cubicle: Cluttered. Spent some time getting it arranged.

While lokking around, saw an inverter drawn on my whiteboard. An inverter has two CMOS transistors, one is PMOS and the other one is NMOS. A MOS transistor has four pins: SOURCE, BODY, DRAIN and GATE.

Now, I am also feeling like a MOS transistor with my BODY and SOURCE connected to the DRAIN, and DRAIN itself connected to a deeper DRAIN. And....... a stick on my GATE, that is my ass in the real world!!!. The stick is of course my boss!!!

Got 32 missed call from 9811167508, if someone can tell who this is, I will be grateful!

This reservation policy that Indian government is working on will setback the devlopment of the country by almost 50 years. I think after some time the general category will be itself in need of some reservation quota. I am feeling sad that a foolish person like Arjun Singh was the one as chief guest in my Convocation Ceremony! I really regret getting the most important degree of my life from the most despised person.

Something went wrong in my other side of life. :(

I am planning for a trip to Ladakh and Leh this summer. I hope something works out and I get the leaves.

After all the record breaking recruitments at IIMs and some of my friends getting through the toughest exam in the world "Belling the CAT" I am sick and tired of hearing my mom say, "Why don't you also go for MBA ?". Is it all that necessary that I follow the crowd?????

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Rishikesh Trip

Ok I will start with this pic. Although much had already happened in the trip:
We started around midnight from Delhi. "We" includes me, Abhishek, Sourav, Mohit and Sandy. See how the story unfolds and the new names come forth.

We headed towards Mussoorie and on the way passed by Roorkee and Dehradun. Feeling too sleepy the driver took a break at a dhaba. No not a tea break but a nap. And with him on the first seat, sandy on the second, the reat of us were left with just 1 seat to share.

So we came out of the stuffy place and rolled out on the cots down there for the truck drivers. Dekhte hi dekhte it was bright blue sky. And we moved forward on our journey.

Now, Mussoorie is a quiet a place, "not worth vising even once". Everywhere ther is commercialization. And the place has got no tourist spots but just shops. Only spot where one can have some fun is Campty Falls.

Then we headed for Rishikesh by evening and the pic below is taken on our way to the camp where we had a night stay.

The we had a small volleyball match on the Ganges river bank. Everyone being a novice in this game, the ball was uncontrollale. At last we decided on a better game: "football" using "volleyball" but not before we captured our skills on the shutterbug.

The night stay at the camp was really great, and the moments can't be captured in my words. We had some vodka arranged for the night, only some. And loads of kurkure and namkeen. The atmosphere and ambience was great. Bon Fire alongside and the silent sound of the river flowing added to the pleasure. Every one of us swept away from the real world.....

This is myself and Katy (katy since his last name is katihar, although I like calling him HULK) infront of our camp.

This is when we reached one of the rock heights.

Just before the rafting session started we were in really high spirits.

In between the session we had to ask for some breaks (some of them for peeing, we just could't let it loose in ganges!!!). we were all dead tired, but the spirits I was talking about kept us going.

The ultimate thriller was the cliff jumping. Before reaching the height we were bus itna saa, and upon reaching the height we almost froze......

This is the chosen pic of all the pics taken throughout the journey:

Ah I forgot about the cheer up songs we had on the raft:
Oh Baby
Oh Baby
Oh Baby
oooooooooooooooo....(and then a splash of our oars into the water)

This trip was really a great one. My companions on this trip were:
SSC (Sandy Sleeper Class)
and Mohit Sex Hai Naa (he is actually mohit sexena)


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Holiday season

The checklist for our rishikesh trip:
17.Liquor & Cigarettes ( We do not serve any).

Monday, April 03, 2006

Typical Console View

My typical console view looks something like this most of the time:

This may give you an idea of the pathetic rate at which the simulations are completed. But this is one of the better status. Look closely at the medium and the short queues, which are genrally pending with around 10000 jobs and running none!!