Thursday, February 23, 2006


But first of all the main stage:

Friends you waited impatiently for this, and I waited impatiently to get such an opportunity.

At last, here it is:

Scene: Our company party. Ankur almost drunk, and my friend and his ...... "Nishtha" trying to stop him from drinking more.

This pic is back on my blog after strong oppositions from Rands.
He again came to "harass" me on 27/2/2006, Monday. I ask the world is there no right for a freelance journalist like me to exercise his right of publishing explorations like this.

Now, me and my team members, going left to right: jandial, sandy, mohit and myself.

And yes, Rands was really drunk, "didn't know his limits".

Finally, sab yaar dost ek saath,

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


But, still, we boredoms of the office found a nobel technique yet to be patented to save birds from the dreaded disease. Please forward it to the concerned. :D)

Monday, February 20, 2006

After I spent my saturday night at a party given by the office (the first big thing), at the JP greens golf course; I was dead tired. The party really rocked to the tunes of Bollywood from the latest to the oldest remixed ones.

Wait for the pics to be posted up soon.....

But sunday evening was something else. The Great India Rock show. I had just heard about it. But now having "been there and done that", I don't want to miss it ever again. Its just great.

The cover of the to be album on GIR X

Everyone must have heard some great rock music, but hearing original compositions by Indian bands in something. Firstly, you are hearing something new and refreshing and that also by your fellow Indians. The night was rocking. If you like the music, bang your heads in ecstasy and if you don't like it then just shout it out. Its that simple.

The swedish band Freak Kitchen also played some head banging stuff leaving aside their crappy jokes or khattas or pajjads (alll synonyms).

In the end it was all very goodie goodie as "freak kitchen cooks" would have called it.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Still in search of I

Having just returned from a OR;Operational Review, I was wondering in the boring moments of the presentations: what am 'I'?

'I' The most strong letter to be used in the most common places.

Or as Ayn Rand puts it; in the most sought after lines by a lover, "I love you", love is not as important as "I". Everyone can love, but only a few can dedicate their whole "I". And one can do so only when he can explain "I".

The first thought that goes on in my mind as an employee is "I" am a resource as every big person in the office says.
My definition of a big person: A usuallly fat male/female, usually married, usually carrying a laptop and usually the diguised unemployed person of the company.

Although I had to write a lot on this, but once again, my thoughts can't be put here in so little time so less a space and by so little of a thought such as mine.

Maybe I will think about it sometime more, and express my thoughts once again.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

MP3 Blogs
Just as I thought that I had listened to more than enough number of times each song on my playlist, I bumped to yet another blog. An MP3 blog.

For those who are unaware of such a phenomenon, as I was just a few days ago, such blogs post MP3 songs of varied genre.

Such a blog is capable to stream audio or enable you to download songs too.

One of the MP3 blogs that I liked is:
It serves quiet a unique variety of songs. A mix of hard rock and blues and much more.

I will be looking forward to more such MP3 gatherings......
What DK did on V day??
I kept nagging him to tell me what he did on the first V day (Valentine's Day to clarify the too dumb ones reading this) after job.
So, at last he got so fed up, he opened up in his mail which I just recieved.
Read the full text below to see how witty his reply was.

so u wanna know how was my day?

it was the same tuesday till 5 pm. then anjali pandey called me up. she is working in wipro .her office is just 2 km from mine. so we decided to go together to some
place for hangout.

we landed in "the forum" big shopping mall in bangalore. lots couples like us were having fun.some kind of programmes were organised in order to engage the crowds in the mall.we headed for pvr cinemas. i made an assumption that couples would not go for movies like us on V day so i thought that we could get movie ticket.

but she said thats wrong lots of couple go for movie as they have nothing much to say each other but still want to have time with each other ,so those people will go for movie.

ya she was right. tickets were sold out all...
then we went to pizza corner, no seat there too..then to pizza hut...
ya plenty of space..sat there ..had pizza that too veg as u know she was veggie. and i am both. omnivorous..

then headed to her appartment download liquids from our body.and watched one or two songs in tv and played few overs of hall. had some cake as she had cleard her GRE with score of 1320.that what written on cake.then we headed toward NGV builders club. u have table directly under the was getting cold. we ordered for chilli chicken and gobi amchurian and two bottle of bear one for each.

then came a missed call from rinchin my friend from kottayam medical college. he said he was in tivadrum hospital to see some of his friends relatives who
had met with an accident.

then i said goodnight to her and said to keep in touch and said if possible
shall meet at lunch time office hours.

so that was my V day..

finally one simple clearification anjali pandey is nitin pandey my iitg
football mate..we met after three months..even though we were in same city..

have nice day
'The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man'
--George Bernard Shaw

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Love, Freindship and Respect do not unite people as much as a common Hatred of something.
Another one of my yesteryear pic

Going left to right you can find me(too damn sleepy), VNS, DK, Fido, Pondy, Boney and Sanky.
If there were no words,
No way to speak
I would still hear you.
If there were no tears
No way to feel inside,
I'd still feel for you.
And even if the sun refused to shine,
Even if romance ran out of rhyme,
You wuld still have my heart until the end of time
You're all I need,
My love, my Valentine, where are you??

Monday, February 13, 2006

"I always believed there were two kinds of men in this world, men who go to their death screaming & men who go to their death in silence,then I met the third kind… Men who laugh their way to immortality
Found this dialogue of Rang De Basanti in one of my friend's blog, and felt like thinking over it again!
Valentine's Day

Keep Smiling (even if you are in the office on this great day) as the other fellow will think what you are so happy about!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

IIT Guwahati Footi Team

In some of the past boring hours I came across my pics from the days at IIT, when we used to venture out for some football matches, with some of the best known teams across India. (This may seem exaggerated to some but its nice to say a statement like that).

The pics posted here, although don't sail you through all the emotions, they may give a glimpse of what our team and team memebers were like.

Place: Guwahati. The journey started from the best transport which IIT could offer us.

Place: The same guwahati bus. The complete picture. The desperartion in some eyes, the look of anger in some (Ok! Ok! Anger is evident in the eyes of just the pink shirt man) and embarrasment in others.

Place: Outskirts of Guwahati. DK at one of his best moves ever.

Place: Chennai. Isn't that a perfect pose for YUVA, courage infront of a prison walls??

Place: Chennai football ground. A variety of emotions after losing losing a match.(well just not "a match"). Feeling dejected, powerless, lost......

Place: Calcutta Mall.

Place: Chennai Cineplex. People there just got more interested in our group than the posters behind us. No one wanted the movies anymore. At last the cineplex staff, feeling a danger from our presence, shooed us away.

Place: Chennai beach. So what, if we don't have girls in our group. We do have the enthusiams for ball room dance. This is DK and myself dancing away the match blues on the Chennai beaches.

Place: Chennai Beach. So, this is what its all about fun, masti and a happy ending. We gave our best, played our best but the other team was just better than us. We don't regret losing, we appreciate and cherish the efforts put in by everyone.

This is me(Ankush) signing off with (see left to right) bachcha, pondy and DK.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Cheap shots

Before joining the corporate world, I had just heard about it, but now I am damn sure how cheap and mean can a company be......

Firstly, one of the best links ever, either, to kill off time or, to just chill out and keep in touch with friends all around the world, "" was banned.

The following headline started appearing on the webpage:

Internet Usage Policy

Sorry, access to the requested URL is denied.

After much abusing, cursing and trying in vain to find alternative methods to open the weblink failed, we sat tired, damn tired.

Discussions over coffee tables were heating up on the issue. people were even thinking of giving a "supari" for the devil who made such a terrible decision.

As the time passed on, our volcano of anger was coooling down, just then "i think the final blow" was made. All the cricket sites were blocked. Suddenly, the life stopped for many die hard fans of cricket.

Well, now I am eagerly waiting for a soul who can take up an intiative just like in YUVA or RDB (thats what my friend calls Rang De Basanti as)......

Thursday, February 02, 2006

"Komilla the great"

Yeah really, didn't I tell you earlier about Komilla in our group. Well the name itself gives you an idea. Didn't you get a smile or a laugh after just thinking about such name???? Well, to get such a feeling, be honest and close your eyes for a moment, speak the word komilla. Doesn't it give you tingling.

Now I will take you to her work space. She works hard the whole day. Her workspace looks something like this:

Monitor infront of her with the screensaver going nuts after running for maybe hours.
Keyboard put aside to avoid clutter (didn't anyone tell you she has attended all the training to be ever offered including the 5 C one, which said that cluttered workspace leads to cluttered mind. So to increase efficiency remove the unwanted elements from your desk.)
Phone infront of her placed ergonomically for better handling.
And seat adjusted for resting and talking on phone for long hours.

After hours if she gets any work, her usual dialogue would be "Why don't I get any serious good work?"

We would just nod in agreement and say "Ya"

Then she would again call up her husband, and talk about the lot of work she gets.

Meantime her friend comes up and asks for tea, which she definitely can't refuse, after a tiring day. And God oh God she leaves her cell behind. The cells rings up in its loudest volume, a hand picked ringtone by her,"elephant walking" (this is what we have named).

Some of the neighbors get up and start yelling about the annoying tone and to keep it shut. But on and on it goes. At last, someone makes the phone on silent, so that it can at most make a buzzing noise, no more.

Too much of this hefty thing komilla will make your mind crazy, so rest sometime soon.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Devil's own workshop

Recently, one of my dear friends sent me a link of his own blog:

I thought of implementing the idea in my own profile of orkut, and put up a simple pic of mine (in a suit) similar to the u can see here (similar because it the same me). Although I had changed my profile pic only a few weeks back, but hadn't got any such comments which he was talking about. Maybe the thinking of my friends (who have started working, and have now got useless mindsets after hours of useless work and boredom) has undergone some chnage.

The comments through scraps started pouring in. The sequence was somewhat like this:
"oye u r looking good in the suit"
"hey You are looking great, did u attend a marriage"
"R u marrying??"
"good pic for matrimonials. wait u will surely get some rishte"

And so on, in the end, some people also end up congratulating you on your non-exsistent marriage in the near future.

This really proves my theory that, "Empty mind is devil's own workshop". Now since, I am getting comments on the pic as if from the devil himself, so, it implies, they have got empty minds now.

Now thats a large sacrifice you make for a mearge salary.
Strange things do happen quiet often in the office.

As we got bored or had too much work (some of the excuses), we had trips to our so called Cafe Royale for a cup of coffee or just chit-chats. I usually ended up going with R2, Venky and Umesh since we are in the same team.

But this isn't the strange phenomenon which I was just talking about. We always met one of our other group of friends, comprising of, shalu, kamal, ankit and prateek. Now the thing is whether we had our tea at 9:30, 10:00, 10:30, 11:30am... or any other time we always met them there.

Now, let me expalin u why I call this strange. They came there for only 10 mins and so did we. They didn't have any idea that we are going to come there, and so did we. So if I take a time span of say 3 hours (9am to noon) whats the probability that the 2 groups meet each other if they come over a place for just 10 minutes. My maths has gone weak after lazing around in the office, but I can assure u its very low.

So I would better like to know y such an event occurs.

I scarp my head, think for a while, go for the coffee again, A TIRING DAY INDEED, I have thought too much today!!

Yes I m back to continue, and u know what, WE again ended up meeting them!!!