Saturday, January 02, 2010

1 Hour 30 Minutes

The time on my watch is 5:30pm. The class is just 1 hour 30 minutes long. (This is me, the real me)
1 Hour!! 30 minutes!!! (This is me, the inner-self)
You mean 90 minutes!!!!

What are you going to study?
A subject called ATSC.

Creepy. Isn't it?
Not quite, after doing 5 semesters of MBA studies, ATSC doesn't seem to be all that scary. ATSC is just Applied Theory in Strategy and Competition.

So no funny expansions for ATSC? You guys are famous for those.
Who has time for expanding everything. And then you can burn your gray cells for thinking of some expansions. Gray cells are valued assets not to be wasted on matters of zero ROIs. And don't disturb me! I have made up my mind to concentrate a bit on the game theories and transactions costs. I want my full worth from the MBA program!

Fuck off!

Some theories explain cause and effect in different contexts. Example are perfect competition, duopoly theory, monopolistic competition, TCE, agency theory, game theory, real option theory, RBV, KBV of the firm etc. (This was the teacher......With all due regards, I don't know why teachers always sound similar to cheaters........almost replaceably!!)

The time on my watch is 6:00pm. My eyes have been following the average cost function, the total cost function and every curve on the slide. Now, the other part of me.....

That's me! :P I will take over now!! :D lol! ROFL......ROFLMAO
Nooo!!!!! I won't let it happen. Take deep breaths. Deep breaths help to increase the oxygen supply to the body and in turn keep oneself awake.

Why do I see everyone turning back ?
Everyone looks at the watch on the back wall to check what the time is? Everyone is damn bored after studying the same damn strategy for 2 years. It started off with the first class in hel(L). And I think the last class will end with it.

But dude, they already have watches on their hands!! Then why are they looking at the wall clock? Is there something special?
I look at the wall clock and at my own watch. I repeat this foolish exercise twice to answer. No, there is absolutely no difference in time. Maybe a difference of 1 minute. But that is it! Then why? I try to apply theories and globes......

When you looked back twice to observe the time on the wall clock and then match it with the time on your hand watch. What did you do? You exerted pressure on your body (you craned your neck back and forth) and mind (calculated the difference between the observed times). So, you kept yourself from dozing off to that another world. Wow!

But there is something romantic about the way things go even in this boring class. The way people around you look, back and forth. You again look at the watch. Do you remember your love? M.... :) How do you feel? You always get lost in her eyes.

Her eyes, black, pitch black. Almost like the black holes of the universe. Un-noticeable. Negligible. Ignorable. But when you see closely, or get tooo close, they attract you. You move into them powerlessly, like a weakling, defenseless, frail, paralyzed and vulnerable.

You again look at the watch. You again think about her. The pain of parting was not enough. The expectation of someday meeting her again keeps you alive in an even more excruciating pain, making you feel debilitated. You again look at the wall clock. Maybe the wall clock has the answers. In your own words....

घडी घडी ,घडी पर नज़र।
कैसा है ,ये तेरे प्यार का असर।

You are crippled. And you are crippled by a force which has an increasing rate of return. That's love! You can't plead for death. Running away was never the answer. You can only plead for life. Since, life will bring along moments. Moments to remember her. Moments to expect her. Moments to see her again.

But you can plead for something else too....

घडी घडी ,घडी पर नज़र।
कैसा है,ये तेरे प्यार का असर।
ना मचा तू इतना ग़दर।
अब बस कर, बस कर, बस कर॥

So, tomorrow we will do the case on Bird's eye and UK frozen food industry. Thank you.

So the class is over?
Of course! See it was that easy to attend the 90 minutes of this distressing class. I told you. I am trained to beat these tortures. But, why don't I recall anything after 6:00pm? Anyways, it was all globe. But what happened?

घडी घडी ,घडी पर नज़र।
कैसा है,ये तेरे प्यार का असर।