Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup - Opening Ceremony

9:00 pm Indian Standard Time: The opening ceremony just finished; and here I am totally vella between the hour of opening ceremony and start of the opening game between Germany Vs Costa Rica posting pics from the ceremony.

The first of the pics is of the great world cup, the ultimate prize for the football lovers.

And the pic following is of the great man himself. PELE!! leading the ceremony.

The comes the home team:

And then one of the favourites of this world cup. Although, football lovers know it well that Brazil has never won the world cup playing as favourites.

And now rest of the pics of the ceremony:

Yes I know I could have got more pics, but due to the rush and the crowd I was just lucky enough to get these pics clicked. ;o).

Signing off,
Kal Tak reporter,
Sabse tez!!!


The first of the mails started 2 weeks back, somewhat in this fashion: Kindly consider some of the following minor chnages in the specifications required.

Leading to some mails from our side: These minor changes will change our design drastically.......
Please consider a re-evaluation, as it will lead to a lot of rework, a lot of efforst have already been put into it.......

Mails from their side: Ok we are considering the changes, please send us a report on the impact of the changes...... (Not to mention this lead to more work on our part, and more reports!!%@#%$#)
We can't help but change as they are important for the customers and no need to worry about the impacts they are fine with us. (Didn't they realize earlier what the customer required......)

Alas.....not boring you more with the still on going mail exchanges, here is a snapshot of what I had already done on the layout. Note: I am not mentioning the changes in circuit design, as it dosen't look as attractive to look at in a small snapshot ;).

(Another @#$#$@%@#$% word in the end of each %@$%#@$%# mail from them)

Monday, June 05, 2006

"Activist in me"

I hate rape,
I really, really do.
I hate it in the a.m.,
I hate it from the blue.
a moment with a girl,
that should be pure and true,
in a flash turns ugly,
and instead is very crude.
A joining that is sacred,
has now become so rude,
as the girl,
now women,
finds all she had to lose.
No means no,
or so was always told,
but today's men take,
have always been so bold?
A girl is only meat,
or so to me it seems,
and nothing they can do,
will muffle all their screams.

So what happens now,
to this girl who we abused.
should she be now cast out,
and given to be used?
I say.
Stand beside her in her need,
you out there can never know,
when it's your turn to bleed.
For I hate rape,
I always, always will,
it is a crime,
that makes my heart be still.

It is only love.....

Not the person you were,
nor the town where raised,
never the pain suffered,
will make you grow aware.....

It is only love,
that makes you so alive, so worthy,
some one dear to hold at night, in darkenss, in momnets of fear,
to share all that is to life.