Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Do try this at home

Ya ya long time since I wrote a blog. The reasons: I was unusually busy with work at office.

But again the tsunami of boredom hit me at home this time; with my family out on a holiday leaving me alone with my dog hanging around. When boredom strikes, it really makes one go mad. Its not khaali dimaag shaitaan ka ghar (empty mind = devil’s workshop). It’s the Bore-dome which is the palace of the devil.

So, I began surfing through my kitchen (did I tell that boredom also leads to hunger, and hunger for good food). And, I placed my hands on the couple of bottles of rum, whiskey and vodka of my father’s small hidden personal bar.

Now, eggjactly now, the devil strikes his venom. So, I started with my cocktail.

Caution: Please try this only at home.

So here are the ingredients to get it right (my way):
- Two shots Vodka
- One shot brandy
- One lemon’s juice
- Orange and apple juice in equal quantities
- Crushed ice
- “Teri deewani” by Kailash Kher in infinite loop

Mix them well and relax in your rocking chair. Well any chair will tend to get rocking once you have a couple of this “recipe”.

Preet ki lat mohe aisi lagi,
Ho gayi mein matwaari,
Bal bal jaaoon apne piya ko,
Hey mein jaaoon waari waari,
Mohe sudh budh nahi rahi tan mann ki,
Ye to jaane duniya saari,
Beebas aur laachaar phiru mein,
Haari mein haari, haari mein haari…...….

Teri deewani teri deewani….....

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Monday, May 01, 2006

I am what I think I am

Guess what????
I am what I think I am
I am happy, cause I think I am happy. I can be irritated too, if I think that I am getting irritated.

But at this moment I am getting bored!!! First of all its a Monday, my mailbox has no more new forwards left. Whatever there were have already been read a dozen of times. So I start dozing off (of course with eyes wide open and an attentive look on face), and start recalling my last week......

"I am engaged!!", so another one falls, and its terrible when thats a GIRL!!

As I turned on my seat to look around, she stood before me, and the dialouge followed, "I am engaged".

I was stunned!!

My audible voice: "Congratulation, what a great news!"
My inner voice: "Damn you!! why???"

My audible voice: "Who is the lucky one??"
My inner voice: "I will kill him."

My audible voice: "Oh, that smart guy with whom you take walk after lunch?"
My inner voice: "Oh!! GHONCHU!! Couldn't you go for a better deal? Couldn't you find a better guy?"

Anyways, lets cool down, lets think of something good, since I only just said "I am what I think I am".

One of the employees was leaving the company, and sent a goodbye mail, and I had a good smile after reading it. First you must read the mail:

Hello All,

Though Its tough ending 6 years old bonding,
However, Time has now come for me to move on.
I am leaving ST and my last day is today.
In the due course of assignments so far, I have been lucky enough to have
worked with all of you.

Thanks for an enriching personal and professional experience.I wish you all,
the best possible success in ST.

It has been wonderful experience for me working with several of you all over
the last six years.
I thank you all for all the support & assistance provided. I wish you
goodluck in your endeavours.

All the best !!

Now comes my interpretation:
F**k you All,

I am immmensly happy to get freedom after 6 years of rigorous imprisonment.

However, time has now come for me to move on. (I didn't chnage this line cause this line perfectly fits here too, lol!!)
I am leaving ST and my last day is today.
In the due course of assignments so far, I have been lucky enough to survive.

You made my personal and professional life a hell.
GOD save you all!!
Best wishes from the devil herslf!!