Friday, March 10, 2006

Takel's Visit
So at last Takel visited Delhi, and at last after months we all NCR region people had a purpose to have a get-together.

Well although we ST (my company) junta dosen't need a reason to do so, but its not the same with all the others, "they have got a job to do yaar!!".

And the venue none other than right under booba's belly!!

I meant at his house. He also had a sad story. Just a few months into the job, Booba was having his so called team building training. His team was running against time and he was the person who had the responsibilty in the end to take his team to the winning position. So he took a giant leap in the air and landed with a seriously injured foot. Later to be diagnosed as multiple fracture.

Well now what we think is:
Booba was the person who was runnning the last lap of the race. suddenly he hears the most desirable girl of his office shouting with all her energy "come on booba come on!!!!! u can do it!!!". Hearing this booba pushed the accelerator to the limit and dived towards the finish line. That was the end.......

Anyways, one shouldn't laugh at his story, he will feel bad. He is almost recovered. Doctors have told him to put his partial weigth on that leg. (What will the other leg think lifting the rest of 80kgs alone!!!). Yes he has gained 10 kgs in all those days.

Not boring you all any more here are the pics sequentially put.

As always Booba was on phone, very busy......In the pic other than boobs in orange, u can find me, rands, deepok, funky, cadi, bhuppi and takel.

The new entry here is jonny or ZON.

Yes this is the pic in which every one is so happy beacuse cadi is cut out from the pic. Poor cadi, he gave one last attempt to get his face in!!!
Anyways he is the riched of us all with a saving of 1 lakh in PPF and more than that left out.

Jhuppy joined us late in the evening. Then we went out to have some drinks and watch out for girls at Priya.

Inside the Bar.

And yes Rands really savours the taste of hard drinks now. Returns home drunk and falls down on his bathroom floor. Has also made his mark on his manager (More of seduced him with his G); in the recent appraisals got an expected A.

Bhupee and myself.

Delhi roads.....

But anywhere, anytime takla had his way through to the peeing sessions!!

Finally the night at Jhonnys place. Didn't had much to drink. Just a peg of Teacher's whisjey and that too in steel glasses.

The whole night takel spent chatting with funky. I was feeling too damn tired so dozed off somewhere around 1:00am.

But my sleep was frequently broken by funky's laughter, and whatever i heard was their frustation with job and girls.

So in the morning I was told that really they were discussing girls the whole night. And finally they have decided to try their best to get a girl by this year end, otheriwse they will be off to Bangkok and loose their virginity!!!


  1. abe yaar cool blog !!!!
    have also linked my blog to urs content :)

    but mail me the complete directory of pics ... am heading to Digboi / Guwahati tommorrow ... bye

  2. Hey ... let me add the Sunday's story ... the takel's finale in Gurgaon.
    He, Johny went to funky's house along with funky. Well.. dunno what happenned there.
    Then the trio and me met at Suburbia (a bar in metropolitan) ... drank till we conveyed all our frustrations and relished the iitg days!
    Then takel bought a nice toy to please kids at home.
    The final frusta sessikn ended drinking the free Barista cofee at ABN-Amro bank premises near the malls.
    Well, funky and johny are yet to pay thier dues to me ... but it was nice exchanging frutstapas again !!!

  3. Wish u a happy holi...
    Booba has balloned...nice to know he has recovered but I guess he is still on crutches.
    @ Virginity of a few among the grp tht met:According to reports tht hv reached me,a few of the Bangalore junta hv had the pleasure in a conventional manner and in a grp!!!