Friday, January 07, 2011

Desperate Males on House Hunting

I did not realize the desperateness of the male species till I started looking for a room on rent. The moment I searched on the innocent looking website for rooms on rent, I came across hordes of advertisements for female species from the desperados! I smiled at the first one, laughed out loud at the next one but could not stop rolling on the floor for the ones that followed.

“Amaan” demand was simple:
a north Indian female roommate preferred

“Abhi” was a bit more “sharing”:
I am looking out to share my flat with a female partner, open minded.. free individual..
All amenities included in rent, have a car also, can share.
Regards, Abhi"

“Pradeep” was more straightforward, 
Looking for north Indian girl only

An unnamed male wanted, 

“Salman” got way too excited and expressed all his needs in a few short lines,
"Urrrrrrgently needed! Open minded Punjabi girl. North Indian negotiable. No Smoke. No drink. Fair, beautiful and very open. Sharing everything. Bathroom, Toilet, Rooms, Balcony, Fridge, Internet, Maid, Milk, Food, Bike.
2 Bedroom Apartment.
If more girls interested. Welcome."

Wow!! That was awesome! So, this must have been written in the heights of the man’s desperateness. And then whil writing the “gentle”man must have realized that just in case he is getting one, why not more! And while I was reading it, the sharing of maid looked “ewwww…” :D

And point to be noted my readers; “open-minded” seems to be the most abused word online. As soon as someone writes open minded, people think that it’s an “open” invitation as well to check out the “open” buttons maybe ;). They think that all the gates to heaven have been opened by the “girl”.

And while crawling the www and coming across such blatant invitations, I also came across a fact that, if the male is looking for another male flatmate then I get to see all sorts for nationalities being asked for, “only telgu”, “only north Indian”, “only Jains”, “only Mallus”; but, if a male is looking for a girl, then it will definitely be "a North Indian" or a "fair girl"!! No wonder Fair and Lovely shows increasingly more sales as one moves from North to South.

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  1. hahahaha...I never knew about such ads! I recently shifted to a new house, and now i feel cheated to have missed on such ads :)