Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is there life beyond football?
Yes there is!! Yes there is a life beyond football! But, it's a nightmare, it's the worst the life can get, it's was beyond my imagination 1 year back, but it all came true. Every single second, every moment I felt my blood stream losing its energy, losing its red color, becoming lifeless, colourless.....

Getting up in the morning, daily routines, office work, food, drink and an unrelenting desire of playing, and a guilt of becoming so weak, that going out and playing seemed like a big task! How could I ever think like that?! Lots of introspection, lots more of guilt but not a single game......

The dry month of May 2010 was to be cursed for getting me to this state. But, alas came an angel, to drown me and several others in a ocean of joy....

The sight of goals and ball rolling was enough for each one of us to jump with joy, run around like wild animals let loose; of course some of us were alike wilderness tamed, what else is marriage synonymous for? ;)

9 men went on to play the game that they loved, kicking around the guilt of past, dribbling around the daily routines, saving the best moments from getting lost ....For an hour, each one of us got lost in another world. Each one of us lost the bad memories, and the child in us came out in full force. I could again feel blood rushing through my legs, mind and heart. The sweat poured on us, as if from the heavens to cleanse us of the rust we had put on in the past months.

An unsaid pledge was taken by us, not to go back to that black hole of life! To live a life and not just the usual "Chal raha hai..."


  1. "one ball to rule them all, one ball to free them
    one ball to bring them all and on the field bind them"

  2. MytHHHH11:35 PM


    nice one bro...

    let's ensure we don't go back into that mudless pit