Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Ever wondered "how much is enough???"....well I have been forced to wonder over this intruging question for the past some time, in fact a long time and I can't even remember when I got even one satisfactory answer.

Maybe satisfaction is a momentary illusion, to fool a person. I think satisfaction became extinct at the instant a human was born. Or maybe Eve ate that too....;)

Getting back to "how much is enough???". Well we get to see a variety of people around us. Some rich, some poor, some like us who don't know where we stand. This is the fact, almost everyone, I mean almost everyone around me fall in this category. But 14 years of school studies, 4 years of college studies, 1 year into the job and I am almost back to square one. Like an infant watching the world around and wondering "Why all this??". I am getting my food, I am getting the weekly dose of entertainment in the multiplexes around, I have my friends around, I even have great parties in between. Maybe the zeal to do something is missing or maybe my enthu has gone hibernating.

The moment I think of buying a good bike like Bullet (Rs. 80,000), I think why don't I get a car instead. Maybe a Swift(Rs. 4,50,000) will do, sporty looks within my budget (budget is extended for the youth after the easy loans :) ). But then I think maybe some more earnings and I can got for a Honda City(Rs.7,00,000). But then again my eyes have been on Innova(Rs. 9,50,000) also. If Innova is possible then Ford Endeavor or Skoda Octavia (Rs. 15,00,000) are not far behind. And from the corner of my eyes I see many other options ;).......

Many things besides earning more have the word "enough" linked to them. I have said, "enough of drinking, now no more!!" and my friends comment:
"launda bigad gaya hai!!"
"Senti ho gaya hai!!"
"Galat baat hai...."
"arre kya ho gaya hai tujhe"

India's population is more than enough, news channels in India are much more than enough, corruption is enough, reservations are enough.....and now my crap has been enough....


  1. Even The World is not Enough..

  2. loved this post and your comment on my blog :)

  3. Anonymous11:07 PM

    was just getting bored and chanced upon ur blog...couldnt stop myself from commenting on this particular one ..
    feel the same dissatisfaction...and have analysed it for past few years...we r dissatisfied nowadays bec we have stopped interacting..not this kind of interaction thru computers/blogs/mails/chats etc....there was a time when i remember playing from 6pm to 9pm with day eating at one person's place then another and so look at the younger lot(even 10-12 years old)..they only watch pogo/CN etc..there is no interaction(human interaction)..elderly people used to sit around together and chat and gossip for hours..parties and marriage functions were meant to enjoy and meet and ask about each others functions are a way of showing how good a saree/suit one has...marriages are meant to taunt the show handwritten could judge from the handwriting as to in which mood the letter had been written...if the mood changed while writing was visible in the change of there are computers..there is no display of emotions...the less human interaction..less the display of emotions..and henace more dissatisfaction...bec next time one meet the needs to ahve something new to show off so one wants more materialistic things...anyways..would go on and on:-(....with best wishes..
    P.S do not know which state/country u r living in...and if this is true about the place u r living in or not..but that what i find at my place...